Flush Trim Mount [Lite]

$150 USD

Ultra-minimalist mount for recessed baseboard and trim. Equipped with a drywall bead, once installed, the mount seamlessly blends into the surrounding drywall. 

Installed recessed trim with ease - our design keeps the installer in mind by providing a product that guarantees perfectly parallel seams in flush baseboards with no hassle.

How does it work? Cut a shallow groove into the back of the baseboard or trim of your choice using a circular or table saw. This groove aligns with our profile to keep everything straight and in place. The mud-in bead at the top of our trim mount profile allows it to disappear into the wall for a clean, minimal appearance.

🇨🇦 100% Manufactured in Canada

Wall, Ceiling
  • Self aligning profile to keep a parallel seam between wall and baseboard
  • More cost effective than aluminum alternatives
  • Adjustable to any reveal size from 0”- 1”
  • Can also be used on door and window trims
  • Standard mud in bead
  • Avoids the back and forth between drywall and trimming trades required for existing profiles
  • Order includes 6 identical pieces that are 94.5" long. This adds up to a total length of 567" per order.



Can the Flush Trim Mount be retrofitted?
Yes! Simply cut out a portion of your existing drywall and fill the opening with the Flush Trim Mount prior to installing your new baseboard or trim.

Is the Flush Trim Mount installed the same way as other Flush products from Aria?
All of our flush products are mudded in the same way. If you've installed one, you can install them all!

What is the Flush Trim Mount made out of?
The Flush Trim Mount is made of RPVC plastic and is entirely manufactured in Canada.

Can the Flush Trim Mount be cut to different lengths?
Absolutely! The Flush Trim Mount comes in 94.5" lengths, but it can be snipped and trimmed into any length required.

How does the Flush Trim Mount compare to other products on the market?
The Flush Trim Mount stands out because it is highly customizable, and works with any off-the-shelf trim that you desire for your project. Also, the gap that is revealed between the drywall and trim is customizable and can be adjusted to fit your aesthetic.