6 Ways to Use the Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]

As adaptive human beings, nature can provide you with inspiration. Or outright dread. It all depends on your outlook. Think of a serene hike through the gorgeous wilderness of Western Canada... not the mountain lion that might stalk you during said hike. Much like a burrowing squirrel during hibernation, we have adapted one of our newest products to burrow into your wall. Made for humans who prefer hibernating in the comfort of their own home. 

Without further adieu here are 6 ways to use our Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]!

1. Toilet Paper Holder

Instead of scouring around for the nearest fresh leaf to put the finishing touches on your business, use toilet paper - the more refined part of the tree. 2-ply is our preferred right hand man... or left. Increase your bathroom space by installing our recessed Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]. It hides your teepee and also removes ugly toilet paper holders (which never seem to have the ideal ergonomic ability, amirite?). Picture below if you don't believe us. 

2. Night Table

It's hard to go to bed these days without the assistance of your closest companion - a smart phone. We know, we know you're easing up on your usage. But, bedside manners have been established. And phones are not welcome beneath the sheets, so keep em' in the streets. Before those tired, burning red eyes shut down put your phone in the Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]. It is completely made of steel. So, your iPhone can stay put. Literally - it will magnetize to it. 

3. Game Storage 

Let's face it - you're not getting that emotional catharsis you crave from your day job. If you do shoot us an email - support@ariavent.com - we'd love to know the formula. Jokes aside, entertaining is a pleasure we all enjoy and strive for in some way. Games are a great way to unite and bring groups together when looking to connect. And with that said, they also take up space. Space you and I cannot afford. The Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe] is a great solution for storage needs alike. It functions as a one stop game shop. Store your Friday night greatest hits inside!

4. Hide Cables

I am going to take a wild guess and speak for everyone here - loose cables are an eye sore! Not to mention they are also a fire hazard. If you prefer your fires controlled like myself, cleaning up the jungle of cables on your floor is essential. TV cables are public enemy #1 when it comes to headaches revolving around how to hide them. You can declutter your floor space by hiding all your loose cables inside the Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe].

5. Kitchen Spice Rack

Food + Spice makes everything nice. Show me someone who doesn't spice their food and I'll show you a liar. Your spices deserve better than to be crammed away in your cabinet begging for the light of day. Displaying your spices can elevate the look of your kitchen. While making you look like a better cook than you probably are. So, up your spice rack game with our Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]. Your spice selection will become easy access and at an arms length. It will make your friends jealous and remind you of all those spices you forgot you had. Go ahead, use another pinch of that Asafoetida. 

6. Store Keys in your Foyer 

It is a story as old as time.. You enter your home after a long day of work or errands. You place your keys on some tray or table or key hanger labelled "KEYS", but are never truly satisfied with the look and feel. The whole exchange is missing that spark of zhuzh you've been longing for. Installing the Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe] gives you the option to stylize your entryway with a minimalist look. Those last minute items you grab before leaving your abode will disappear into the wall. So they are available only when you really need them. 

So there you have it. 6 ways to use our Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe].

P.S. This is not an exhaustive list. Just like nature we are ever evolving. Looking to the outside world for purpose and answers as we continue our unquenching journey. Let us know if you find other ways to use the Flush Anywhere Niche [Luxe]!