How Sarmazian improved revenue and sale margins

Multi-store Retail Program Case Study

Retailer Profile

Sarmazian Brothers

Company Name
Sarmazian Brothers Flooring

Type of Company
Flooring Retailer

3 Locations
100,000 SQFT
60 Employees

"We realized early on that Aria Vent was an innovative company."

– Levon Sarmazian, Showroom Manager

The Challenge

Sarmazian Brother’s carry 1,000’s of surface material SKUs. Hardwood, laminate and carpet are their biggest revenue generators, but only hardwood had a custom vent option. Custom vents were a substantial missed revenue opportunity.

"Aria Vent fits well with our business model... It's a great way to improve revenue and margins on a sale."

– Levon Sarmazian, Showroom Manager

The Solution

Aria Vent is compatible with every single floor material, not just hardwood. With Aria Vent, Sarmazian can now upsell a value-add item on all their orders. Opening a new revenue stream and providing an excellent customer experience.

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